Music Heals

Hey One and all,

I am Carey, an International Student from India pursuing my masters in Washington, D.C.. I moved here in December 2014 and its been quite a ride so far. Music is my passion and drives me on. Only God knows what would happen to me if there was no music. I am not a great musician myself but I do fiddle a bit with the guitar and it greatly helps and appreciate the talent in and around you. Even though I grew up in India I was exposed to western music. The rock and roll world had a great influence on me growing up.  After exploring different genres of music I slowly drifted towards rock and metal. I don’t see me drift to any other genres now ! Having said that, listening to all these great bands and watching their videos on YouTube I never dreamt that one day I’d be able to watch them live, to stand in the same room with them, to watch them only a few feet away, to watch them breathe, to watch them sweat, to watch them shred the living hell out of the guitar ! I greatly appreciate the effort that each and every musician puts into each show and feel extremely grateful and lucky to see all these awesome bands live. 

Since I moved here I have been to a  bunch of concerts. I wouldn’t say too many but definitely more than an average concert goer. I have experienced a lot of emotions and my perceptions have completely changed. Ever since I had been to my first concert I wanted to start a blog or YouTube channel and share these memories. I am not a great writer and my English is not good, but who cares ? I am doing this cause I want to and down the lane I could look back at it and smile. 

Thank you for your time and join me on this journey !! \m/


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