Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary Bash @RFK Stadium, Washington D.C, 4th of July 2015

It was around 11pm, I was walking along 21st street of Northwest Washington, D.C. I was sleepy, tired and just had a Big Daddy burger from BTS. But a poster lit me up ! It said Foo Fighters @RFK stadium. Rest is history !

It was the summer of 2015. I had been in D.C for around 7 months and had not been to a single concert. It’s quite remarkable when I think about it now. I decided this would be the perfect first concert and it was Foo Fighters ! I mean who doesn’t like Foo Fighters, a legendary band with the coolest frontman ever, the man himself Dave Grohl. I got my tickets soon and was waiting patiently but I had made a huge mistake which I have learnt from. I had gotten the Stadium tickets instead of field tickets even though they were priced the same (yes that is odd). The site said General Admission but little did I know that I had gotten the stadium seat tickets instead. It was quite a bummer. 

To make matters worse Dave Grohl fractured his leg a month before the show. Yes that’s the epic show where he fractured his leg but came back with a brace to finish the show ! Now you can relate to why I think he is the coolest frontman. Foo Fighters had cancelled a lot of shows leading up to the Fourth of July bash. I was really scared that they would cancel the show too. But they did not. But I was still concerned, you don’t need to be a doctor to realize that a fracture doesn’t heal completely in a month. Dave Grohl is associated with his energetic runs, jumping and moving about the stage. I was thinking that aspect of the show would be missing. But I was thankful that atleast the show was not cancelled. 

So the day arrived, it was hot, humid and cloudy. Me and my friend took the metro to RFK stadium. We entered and Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers were playing “Do you Wanna Touch ?”. Yes I know what you are thinking ! Joan Jett performed, so did Heart and Buddy Guy and Trouble Funk and Gary Clark Jr. ! It was an epic set ! But as  they say it’s always sunny only in Philadelphia ! It started raining, and it poured. It was so bad that they had to ask all the people in the field to take shelter inside. But I was not concerned, the guy broke his leg but came back to finish the show. He’s not gonna let rain take away his moment of glory during the 20th anniversary bash at his hometown is it ? No way. But what made sad was looking at all the people having fun in the field. They were diving in the puddle and throwing mud on each other. Made me even more sick when I paid the same amount of money but was stuck in the stadium seating. But the rain did eventually stop and show went on well. All the bands performed and it was time for the Foo ! 

Everyone was curious on Dave’s state. It was the first show after he had injured his leg. How is gonna perform ? Is he going to sit ? How will he play the guitar ? All these thoughts were running in my head as I saw the huge Foo Fighters banner covering the stage. And then the moment of glory ! Everlong ! Yes they started with Everlong even though they finish their set with Everlong usually. As the epic intro to Everlong blasted accross RFK the curtains fell and out came Dave. What a sight it was ! Dave Grohl on a powered Game of Thrones style throne but with guitar necks instead of Swords !! He could move up and down the stage like he always did with his guitar throne. The setlist was amazing, Dave Grohl went through  the broken leg incident once again as we all saw the video on the giant screen and everything was fine. The show ended to an amazing firework display. It’s nothing compared to the firework display at the Mall but who the hell cares about fireworks ? I am a mechanical engineer and I advocate climate change, I would take Foo Fighters over fireworks, Dang I would prefer Foo Fighters probably over most other things. 

It was the perfect concert. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I will never forget 4th of July 2015. 


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